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What are the advantages of a condominium and how does condominium ownership work?

A condominium is a legal form of shared ownership, where the owner holds title to the individual apartment home, and a shared interest in the building and grounds common elements. A condominium allows for the financial benefits of ownership while leaving the chores of property upkeep and maintenance to our professional property managers. Residents will purchase their condominium homes outright, and pay a monthly "condo fee" to fund all shared common area expenses. Additionally, the condominium corporation will also save the individual owner money on longer-term upkeep of the building, such as roof maintenance, because the cost is shared by all residents.

As a unit owner will I have any part to play in the on-going operation and management of Murano Gardens?

The project will be professionally managed by an independent professional Condominium Management Company who will work directly for the Condominium Corporation Board of Directors. As a unit owner in the building, you have voting rights in your condominium corporation. An annual general meeting of all unit holders will be conducted to review the business of the corporation. You may participate in the management of the project to a greater extent, if you wish to stand for election to the Condominium Corporation's Board of Directors.

Have Rules and Regulations been established for residents of Murano Gardens?

The rules and regulations will be described in detail in the project condominium documents and by-laws. Every condominium project has rules regulating the use of the common elements, balconies, improvements etc.

Can I purchase a condominium at Murano Gardens and rent it until I am ready to occupy it myself?

You may rent your condominium provided you and your tenant comply with all rules and regulations of the condominium documents.

What type of insurance will I require with respect to my new condominium home at Murano Gardens?

The condominium corporation will provide insurance for the overall building. Owners will require separate condominium unit owners insurance based on the Condo Package Policy as set out by your insurance company.  It should also include your contents and any upgrades and improvements.

Is Murano Gardens an age restricted condominium?

The Murano Gardens condominiums were designed and are suitable for all ages and consequently there is no age restriction at Murano Gardens. While visiting guests stay at the discretion of each individual owner, the rules will specify that guests must comply with all the same rules and regulations as imposed on owners.

Is smoking allowed at Murano Gardens?

In accordance with provincial by-laws, smoking is not permitted in any of the common areas.

Are pets allowed at Murano Gardens?

The project by-laws and declaration will describe the rules in detail; however owners are allowed up to two cats or two dogs, or one of each, each weighing no more than 35 lbs.

How will I dispose of my garbage and recycling at Murano Gardens?

There will be a garbage chute on each floor for garbage disposal.  All recycling material will need to be taken to the outdoor recycling enclosure.

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