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Will there be a resident caretaker at Murano Gardens? 

Murano Gardens will be professionally managed by an independent property management company.

When will construction commence on Murano Gardens and when will the project be ready for occupancy?

Phase 2 construction started Fall 2017 and possession will be late Fall 2018

What type of foundation and building structure is used to construct the Murano Gardens  building?

The building has a concrete pile foundation with the lower parking garage having concrete walls, ramp and floor. A concrete floor separates the parking level and the main floor level of the building. The 4 storey building is wood framed from the main floor to the roof. Engineered floor joists are to be used for the floor systems with a gypcrete topping and a double wall system dividing all adjacent units.

What materials will be used on the exterior of the building? 

The exterior will have a combination of acrylic stucco and cultured Stone.

What level of soundproofing can be expected at Murano Gardens? 

All floor and wall soundproofing requirements are built to exceed the building code requirements. The walls between the suites have a STC rating of 57 and are constructed of a double wood stud wall with insulation. The floors have a STC rating of 52 and are constructed of Engineered Floor Joists with mineral wool insulation between floors, gypsum concrete floor topping, resilient channel, and 5/8" drywall. All hard surface flooring will be installed on under pad.

What is the heating system at Murano Gardens?

Each suite will be equipped with its own central heating and air conditioning unit located in an enclosed insulated room on the suite balcony.

What type of roof will the building have?

Murano Gardens has a pitched roof with a minimum 25 year warranty on the asphalt shingles.

What kinds of windows and doors are being used?

Windows will be energy efficient triple pane. Balconies will have dual pane 8 foot patio doors.

Can I choose the paint colors for my unit?

The unit interiors at Murano Gardens will be painted in a standard neutral color. Walls are coated 2 times (1 prime coat and 1 finish coat of acrylic latex) and trim and interior doors are finished with surface primer and 1 coat of semi-gloss finish. Paint color options are available within option packages and are available as a custom upgrade upon request. All paint color options are only available in a 3 coat system.

Murano Gardens
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